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Another wayward returnee

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Hello everyone!

I used to be a very active member of this forum about eight years (give or take a few) ago.  Lots has happened since then but I'm happy to be back onboard.  I currently don't own a hookah but used to have an Al Fakher large solid (which I gave to my daughter), a smaller Mya (?) but can't remember the model, and another one that I also can't remember the particulars about.  I'm looking at getting another hookah here in the near future and wanted to reconnect.  Not sure if there are many folks here from back when I was here before but back then I did a ton of review vids.  My member name then was Dusty62.  If you remember me, do say hi!  I'm looking forward to getting to know as many folks here as possible and get back to the hookah lifestyle.



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