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Quick Refresher and Bowl Opinion

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Havent had the space to smoke for awhile, so I'm rusty, fo rsure. I smoked a few times this weekend and feel like I'm doing something wrong.

My pieces:

KM OG Tri-Metal, Elmas 618, a few mya small hookahs, eLmas hose, nammor hose, small phunnel from a few years back (broke Saturday RIP), alien phunnel bowl, pico bowl

I smoke:

Naklha Mizo, Al Fahker, Tangiers Birquq and Burley, Fumari


Fumari, Golden Canary


I live in FL where humidity typically varies between 85% and 60% throughout the day, which may mess with the tobacco. But I smoke in the house now, so hopefully that means its more stable.

I pack my bowls all tight, dense, and right below the rim but a bit under the foil, like how tobacco comes when your order tangiers bricks. I poke hole partially through the tobacco when I put on the foil. I always plug my purge valves and make sure there are zero leaks. I figured the only breathing areas should be the hose and the bowl. I dont poke a hole over the center, though I had tried the twoapple inverted hole punch method a few times with occasional good results. I blow up from the spire to the bowl after I'm done packing to allow some room from the foil to the shisha before putting the bowl on my hookah. An inch to an inch and a half of room temperature water.    


I get the tangiers to smoke well, only the mints and its like that one breakfast cereal (which tastes like pure orange juice to me), once ever few months it seems, which may be because of the weather? everything else just ranges from okay to disgusting, is almost always worst than a hookahbar serving cheaper tobaccos. I was considering going back to my roots and switching back to like an Egyptian style bowl and seeing if the flavor and smoothness gets better like that? I just have this really fond memory of smoking a bowl of tangiers mint for like 9 hours straight (i think it was with video games and friends), and I wish I could have it like that every time. Ive been out of the loop for awhile, is there any other alternatives that arent traditional mod or egyptian bowls (that are actually good). Or is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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