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Help me! Another "no taste" topic

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I don't have any taste froom my hookah while smoke is decent. I've checked like every thread on the net & tried different bowl/tobacco/coal setups. Here's the details and what've been tried:

Hookah - Kaya Inox Click 2.0 w/  Kaya Silicone Hose

Bowl - Kaya clay classic (5 holes), Kaya clay 20mm Phunnel, Noname clay phunnel

Heat - Diamonds coconut bought from Kaya site, Quicklights, Some Taiwan-made Coconut Coal

Foil - 4 layer & Kaya Block (Kaloud Lotus-like from Kaya)

Tobacco - Al Fakher & Afzal - both like 1 year old, tried like 10 different flavours


Just cleaned everything with baking soda to get rid of any ghosts. Still no improvements.

My flavour taste is OK.


Another thing is that I have very weak taste even with Shiazo Banana Steam Stones, even though two mounth ago it was super tasty.

Looks like I've tried everything. Any suggestions?




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4 layers of foil might be a little extream,   2 should be plenty and ...I dont even know about the kaloud loutus thing.....probobly should just ditch that thing first of all

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Hi! I haven't post anything here for a while trying to experiment with this and that. 

It seems that there are some tastes that i can clearly taste:

Shiazo Banana Stones (the best taste i've ever had)

Scherbetli Lyme-Lychee-Bleberry

And Al Faher double apple (though the taste wasnt really like apple it was just something sweet)


Used my Kaloud-like thing and 2-layer foil.


Will there be any more advice? No taste in 6 month is so damn frustrating.

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First off, if you're using a Kaloud Lotus you do not need foil, that should sit right on top of your bowl. This could be why your flavor is bad.

Also, how many coals do you have in your lotus? Once your coals are hot enough to use you should put them in the lotus with the top closed on top of the bowl for about 10 minutes and then you should be good to go. After 10 min or so you can adjust the airflow on the top of the lotus to reduce some of the heat if needed. This should help you.

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