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It's Been a while! I'm back with a quick question

Looking for Cheaper Hookah Supplies?  

  1. 1. Vote for the items you'd love to see cheaper prices on and comment below!

    • Starbuzz E-hose
    • Square E-hookah head
    • Hoses in general
    • Apple bowl
    • Glass hookahs
    • Regular Hookahs
    • Lotus
    • Something Else - Comment Below!

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Hey Guys, it's been a while! Glad to see everyone going strong and still smoking. I've got my main business still going but I wanted to see what you all, my favorite forum, were wanting to see cheaper prices on. If we get enough votes and comments I'll set up a store with a special hookahforum discount code and you can get everything you want at much less than the normal prices. 

If there's no interest then no biggie, but I wanted to help everyone out without one of those ridiculous group buys we've seen before. 

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