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Why are clay bowls burning my throat

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Hello. I've had a Mya hookah for a year or two now and it was great until recently. I've changed the base and the hose. I'm using Al fakher tobacco and coconut coals. Until recently I was using a vortex bowl which was nice but I dropped it. I was using it because all my clay bowls give a really harsh and throat burning smoke. I've tried burning the bowls with a lighter, cleaning them for multiple days and others but it still does that. It basically begins very badly and by the time the the harsh smoke is gone my throat is so burnt I can't tell if and can't taste anything. What could be the issue? 

Here's what I have right now 


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The issue may not be the bowl itself but how you pack it.  Vortex bowl holds a different volume of tobacco and, due to the spire on the vortex, the amount of air going through the coals and foil may differ.


You'll need to play around a bit and figure out what specific things you need to do differently when packing the clay bowl.  That means trying out different hole patters, packing density, how high you pack, number of coals, etc.

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