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New with FDA Law Questions

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Hey, people. I live in the Southeast US and as I've been moving from vaporizers to buying my first hookah / supplies and the like because of the FDA's cracking down on the e-cigarette industry (especially in regards to e-liquid flavours), I've noticed that a lot of their rules and laws are being passed down to the hookah/shisha industry too....

As far as what I'd decided to get, I went pretty much all out with a Khalil Mammoon (sp?), quite a few types of shisha, a heat management device (Lotus), a Namoor washable hose, coco-nara coals and one of those fancy ice-packet laden mouth pieces. Since I  never really smoked nicotine stuff (or very low nicotine) and moreso for the relaxing factor, I mostly went with herbal shisha.

I'd decided on these things after my lurking on these forums had you suggesting them quite a bit. ;P However, if I have any problems when I get the items in, I'll let you guys know personally.

I'm not looking so much for recommendations, rather than some questions about the future of the shisha/hookah industry. It seems that it is facing a fate that is soon going to be falling on the e-cigarette industry--having to pay a fee of a million dollars for new products and getting all new products tested by the FDA and whatnot.

What's the deal with the FDA's hold on the hookah/shisha industry and what is it's future going to be looking like? I don't want to be getting into a hobby that is going to be falling out of business due to laws and restraints or is going to have the price jacked up because of all of these new regulations in regards to new shisha products.

Thanks for your time!

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