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out of the loop...what's up with Tangiers?


Been out of the loop for a while, searching for Birquq...and I hear scary things surrounding Tangiers, Google reports the site as dangerous... what the hell did I miss?

And who's got a good selection of Birquq these days?



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We don't have the traffic we used to at all. For a while google would give this place the same redirect that you got with the Tangiers forum, i know the admins and such have a better understanding of that whole kerfuffle, but there are some of us who are still around here. As for birquq flavors, I think most of the sites that carry tangiers will have about the same selection of flavors, that's been my experience whenI go to reorder at least.

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I use 5star because of the whole 100g pack thing. I just ordered my first order in awhile a week ago, to get back into smoking actually. Theres still southsmoke, texashookah, hookah-shisha, and a few more, though idk whos a banned vendor and who isnt anymore so I'll leave it at that.




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