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We want to introduce our hookah collection and our coctails!

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Hi, we are 3 guys from Slovakia, there is not too many launges and hookah spots, so we decided to bring new light to our country.

We start youtube channel 2 years ago, and its hard to find serious group of hookah lovers on Slovakia. So we decided to show you guys how you can make really tasteful cocktails for your hookah. Its suitable for any glass hookah and it tastes really good! We had alot of successful workshops yet and we are still creating many tasty cocktails. You can support us on facebook or youtube. We really appriciate your comments and shares, because we are kind small group :) we are doing this because we are smokers from heart :D and we want to show you many recipes that we invented and tried :D so here is our cocktails. This one is brand new: 


and this is our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/epichookahstyle/

I hope you like it, leave us your opinion :) Thanks for support!

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