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Hi all.. 

Please be aware off the " fake " Khalil Maamoon Hookah - Made of China - , as there is some "people " in the market faked it in china and started to sell it , and usually they are the small 1 door or the Star Khalil Maamoon..

for any questions you can send your inquiries or questions to  km@khalilmaamoon.us   or you can download the ONLY official  APP  of  KHALIL MAAMOON  which will have most of the hookahs .. and its an ordering system so if you place an order we will forward your inquiry to the authorized agent near to you ...







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Thank you very much.

It's awesome after all these years to see someone from KM on the forum.

I smoked from many of your pipes and KM are my favorite.

I always wanted that limited edition one you had out about 5 years ago for about $500 usd. I ended up disabled and that out of budget.

My limited run KM original trimetal oxidized is my go to daily pipe, but I also frequently use my KM king Tut(I had a pro artist repaint it) that is exotica height. When at my friend's I get to use his exotica.





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