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Does the climate affect the smoke?

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I started using hookah when I was living in the US, and the rings I could do there were awesome, very thick. When I came back to Brazil I noticed that the rings were not as thick anymore. Here I use Afzal and Mizo flavors. Could it be that the climate here is affecting the thickness of the smoke, or does it have to do with the brands of the flavors? 

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I think moisture may affect the tobacco and thickness of the smoke, and pressure may affect rings (I mean height above the sea level). Eric Hoffman said, that moisture is very important for tobacco, so he advises to make "acclimatization" of tobacco came from another country. As I know, Afzal came from India, so climat of India and Brazil are different. Try method 420 by Eric Hoffman:

Place new tobacco to vacuum container for 4 hour

Every 1 hour mix tobacco in the container

After 4 our leave tobacco in the container for 20 hours.


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