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Vaping info for people who want to understand. Vaping education

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Almost all of the stuff I think that I connect to cite their sources. Often, if you would like a fountain just ask and I can find it. Unlike propaganda against Vaping using outdated metadata. Often cherry picking one single sentence came from a study to support their efforts.
As long the Mod’s are ok with it, I will share information here as it becomes available.
If you things you would like to share that in contrast to what I posted. I encourage you to do so. You should know that I will do my best for two words to write and after.
I have been a storm since 2009 and see or read most everything (good, bad, ugly) available. I'm not implying that all I watch if I knew. Just what I heard everything I can.


Charlie's chalk dust e liquid / Clutch vapors e liquid

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