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Expired Disposable E-Hookah?

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Hi everyone, 2 days ago I bought 2 fantasia E-hooka's,

I opened up both, and used them since then.

One I have barely used, and it is producing no vapor. 

The other is alright, but has kind of a weird taste to it, compared to that actual shisha (same flavor).

I looked at the boxes and both say that they were best before Dec. 2014.

Im not sure if that is the reason for my problems? Any ideas?

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I've used these Fantasia e-hookah's before. The flavour should be there, so that's definitely a concern. The one that doesn't work at all has a dead battery, which means it was DOA. I would contact the vendor and let them know that one was faulty and the other had no flavour (and if that doesn't work, try contacting fantasia directly).

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