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Vaping with my KM Hookah

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Hi all,

After an unsuccessful experience with Shiazo, I've decided that what works best for me are the e-liquids. So I bought this electronic sisha head. Yesterday I did a hookah session to compare this e-head using nhoss green apple e-liquid and it produced a similar level of vapor with an even more pleasant taste than using Shiazo + Coconut coals .

I don't think e-cigarrettes are for me, as I very much enjoy smoking with my Hookah (besides, I think smoking in my hookah increases the humidity and reduces the irritation of vapor in my mouth).

So I'm about to buy the e-liquids that you can see in the picture. I would like to ask before buying if some members have had experience with them and if they are any good and/or can recommend an alternative.

Lastly, while I love the lights and overal looks of my electronic sisha head, I feel that the battery lasts too little and that the containers are depleted within 2 hours. Do you know of any other electronic sisha head that I could use with my hookah that has a battery and e-liquid reservoir that lasts longer? Also, are there any better choices in terms of vapor production?

Thank you all in advance!


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