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Vape Mail - Darkhorse Clone

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SO I got my Dark Horse in the mail a few days ago. I have mixed feelings about this RDA. It is a nicely built RDA the quality is top notch compared to my other atty's. I will post pics in a reply (Don't have time to upload right now).



  • Price. This thing was about $30 bucks cant beat that. I am sure you might be able to find it cheaper, I order from a certain website because I like the service, and they always seem to have good stock. I do relize they are about 10% more expensive than other places
  • I blows sick clouds. By far the best cloud chasing Atty I own. Hands down.
  • Quality. The posts, screws, finish, threads. All are far superior to my other clones.



  • This is NOT a 1:1 clone of the original. The original Dark Horse has 3 Different sized slots on the side which can be adjusted for air flow. On this clone all of the air holes are the same size. From what I understand, the size difference creates a swirling effect in the atty which is better. Not sure how much of a difference this makes. It still has tons of airflow options, just not the same as the OG.
  • Flavor Production, what can I say if you buy this atty and are looking for excellent flavor, you probably need to look at something else. It is a bit muted compared to something like a Plume Veil. You may be able to squeeze decent flavor out of it with a different build but again, this is a cloud chasing machine, why not build it as such.

Just my 2 cents..



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Nice, I've heard nothing but good things about the Dark Horse. Only complaint I've seen is "not as much flavor," but that's a given since it is made for cloud-chasing, not optimal flavor. Good to see you liked the clone version well enough despite it not being truly 1:1. Good review, man.

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Nice! I really need to get some 24g wire.


That copper AFC ring on your Dark Horse matches the Stingray X beautifully!

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