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Al Fakher Sweet Drops

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Brand and Flavor: Al Fakher Sweet Drops

Shisha Cut: Compared to the old AF, slightly bigger leafs, stems, etc. So, not finely chopped (whats the opposite of finely chopped?)

Hookah Type: KM Kamanja with a Shika Jumbo Base. Yea, I'm different. With a fancy hose.

Duration: 1 hour

Bowl: Smaller Banned Bowl.

Foil / Screen: HD Reynolds

Coal / Amount: Lit 3, started with 2, used the 3rd 20 mins in

Smoke: Thick, AF clouds

Buzz: Similar to AF I guess? I don't get buzzed by AF unless I drink an energy drink

Smell / Flavor: ...Old AF strawberry. Old AF watermelon

Before Smoking Thoughts: I specifically bought this to see if they changed the formula for AF strawberry and AF watermelon. Nope, it smells the same. Sickly, sweet, artificial strawberry and watermelon and not in a good way

After Smoking Thoughts: Do. Not. Like. I couldn't finish the 250g tin. Its the same as Old AF Strawberry and Watermelon mixed together. I guess AF was like, "We have a lot of this Strawberry and Watermelon flavoring left over. Lets mix it together and give it a new name."

1/10. Did not like

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