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Al Fakher Seven Wings

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Brand and Flavor: Al Fakher Seven Wings

Shisha Cut: Compared to the old AF, slightly bigger leafs, stems, etc. So, not finely chopped

Hookah Type: KM OG Trimetal

Duration: 1 hour

Bowl: Small Tangiers Bowl

Foil / Screen: HD Reynolds

Coal / Amount: lit 3, started with 2, used the 3rd 20 mins in.

Smoke: Thick, AF clouds

Buzz: Similar to AF I guess? I dont get buzzed by AF unless I drink an energy drink

Smell / Flavor: Dark grape smell with a little bit of mint

Before Smoking Thoughts: After trying Blews, I could smell the dark grape flavor in this. Similar, just without blueberries and instead with mint.

After Smoking Thoughts: This one is good. You can taste the dark grape, which is a lot better than the old grape that AF is known for. However, I can really taste the mint in this and I just dont like grape and mint. If you like grape and mint, get it. If its a flavor where you're like grape and mint? Ew. Dont get it.

Rating (1 to 10): 7/10

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