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For Sale: Rare Al Nawras Syrian Brass/wood Hookah W/ Red Genie Package Deal (Extras!)

This is the last of my collection that needs to go ASAP. I have never seen another hookah like this one, so get it while you can. Not only is it a Nawras, but it's Syrian (with the conflict going on there, there's no telling when you'll see high quality Syrian hookahs be imported again), it has a very unique wooden part that has brass inlay in it, and it is clearcoated for protection. Very nice hookah, smokes amazingly. Perfect draw, IMO. I even preferred the draw of this one over my Al Nawras Spear Crosshatch, if you can believe it. As for the red genie base, it is like a Bohemian in terms of quality. Heavy, thick glass. It's simply beautiful. Anyway, this hookah includes all gaskets and a Nammor fretted hose.


You get the rest of this stuff with the hookah, as I have no need for any of it now that I have quit. So you get the following:

-Three Egyptians: Jumbo, Medium, and Mini.


-Tokel Turkish windcover, Dragon tongs, Syrian bird tongs, Oyster fork. (Other items in picture are gone from previous sale thread)


-Coals: Few CCNs were taken out of one box, and some were used from the AF box. Ziploc is some Exoticas.


-Assorted gaskets. I actually found some more (mostly mod gaskets) after this pic was taken. Gaskets for life, homie!


-Cleaning brush set. 21 Cocojamra tips (knockoffs of the CCN tips, but I actually prefer these).


-And finally: Nakhla Ice Apple, 170g. Shiazo Blueberry, ~125g. (No picture, but I assure you it exists and you will get it)

I'm asking $250 **OR BEST OFFER** plus shipping for all of the above. Please, ask any questions you may have, and keep in mind, I need this stuff gone.

Thanks for looking,

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Thanks man. My heart just isn't into hookah anymore, and I really need the money.

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