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Well Hello Hf, Long Time No Talk. :)

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On 1/20/2019 at 11:20 AM, Skoozle said:

Chreees! How's life treating you? 

Living the life, man! Between the job, working overtime often, two kids, being a homeowner (constant projects), I don't see how I'd ever have time for hookah these days lol. I did the vape thing there for a while then it became pointless for me. I just started CBD oil, because I started having these crazy mood swings and was depressed for months on end. I think it was the overtime, but after a few weeks on CBD it all evened out and I'm feeling great! Wife is also a lot happier, since I didn't realize just how bad my mental state was affecting our marriage. Turns out it's solving a lot of issues for me, some that I didn't even realize were related...

Anyway, how you been? Still smoking?

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Two kids! That's fantastic. I'm glad the CBD got you evened out. What happened with vaping? It just got boring? 


We have 3 kids now, the youngest turns 2 in April.

I'm getting back into hookah after a couple of years of just taking it to the occasional party. My wife and I have a hookah and movie night every Friday night. We smoke on the occasional Saturday night and sometimes I will have it once during the week. 

A bunch of new tobacco brands and some different lines from established brands came out while I wasn't paying attention. Looking forward to trying some of those. Still mourning the passage of Nakhla Mizo. I bought a new base Friday night because I cracked the one I had switching from hot water to cold too fast.


Really cool of you to drop by even though you don't smoke hookah anymore. 

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