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Arabian Knight- Lancaster

52 North Queen St.

Unit 5A

Lancaster, PA 17603



A relaxed, tucked-away location that is, literally, across the street from the Prince St. parking garage. Whenever I go there, it feels like some of the laid-back cafes that you can find in the Persian Gulf area. The food there has an authentic taste, too. Although they don't offer huge-sized portions, the finger-foods have an authentic, 'homemade taste.' Seriously, their Dolma (the stuffed grape-leaf thingies) is awesome! Also, they serve an awesome Turkish coffee... not a 'Turkish-ish coffee.' Like real Turkish coffee, it has the grounds in the bottom, is served in a demi-tasse, and served with a piece of Turkish delight. Usually, I go during the off hours, so, it is an awesomely relaxing environment to do studying (this is especially awesome since Arabian Knight is less than a block away from M-ville's Prince St. campus/building). The prices are decent (given the authenticity of the food). Also, it is awesome because it doesn't seem to attract the douchy hipster crowd that I have seen gravitate to other PA hookah bars/cafes. They also sell hookah tobacco, hookahs (including reasonably-priced KMs), ehookahs, and Middle Eastern clothing/gifts. The hookah-rental prices are actually pretty good... seriously, check out their website. Although their tobaccos are limited to AF, they have a fairly wide selection of flavors and flavored base liquids. They even have carved fruit bowls!!! I have seen other reviews where people say that the employees 'don't pay attention'... I call BS. They come around to check on your coals, but, otherwise, they don't get 'up in your business' and pester you every 30 seconds. If you go to the counter to order food, a drink, a change of bowls, or anything else, they will get on it immediately. Over all, this place is more of a Middle Eastern cafe than a hipster-ish hookah bar.

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