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Looking For Mini Phunnels

So I have 1 mini phunnel and 1 that is a smidge larger. I am looking to get 1 ideally 2 more minis.


What I can trade + money in certain situations


-Large Green Tang Phunnel - Never Used

-Smedium Dark Blue Tang Phunnel

-Red/Black Medium Tang Phunnel

-Red/Black Small Tang Phunnel

-A couple other smediums/smalls I would rather not trade but if there is a specific color you want that I have and a trade can be made i'd do it.

-Various Sized Turk Bowls

-Nakhla Tobacco - I have just about every flavor in stock currently

-Coco Ultimate Coals

-The 4 hoses left in my other trade thread

-A Dantelli Nickel Elmas Stem + Tray also in a trade thread

-A bunch of different Bohemian Vases.


Obviously in certain cases it would be the bowl + money if you wanted a bohemian vase or other high priced items.


So anyone down to trade or for me to buy their mini?



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I wish you good luck on the hunt I managed to get one as my first Tangiers Phunnel a few years ago when I first started smoking the bowl lasted a good 4 year run before my cousin accidently bumped into the workbench I had my hookah stuff on and it fell from the shelf and hit the ground and became unrepairable it was a 2009 Mini Phunnel too....God I miss that bowl.

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