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Hookah Table?

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i assume that means its currently resting on carpeting? if its on a
carpet then ull just want a rouch piece of wood with 3 or 4 long even
screws thru it far enough to touch the floor, screws will be thin
enough to go thru the carpet without making any permanent marks andthey
wont slide or move

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o and i forgot to specify i mean the screws shud be long enough to go
thru ur wood and thru the shag of the carpet so they can come in
contact with the floor where they can rest even, i also wouldnt
reccomend carving out a niche for the base to sit in because normall if
someone accidentally gives it a tug it will slide a little  but if
its set in a niche and it gets pulled itll just fall, my broblem was
solved by lamp that has a 30 pound marble base that isnt going
anywhere, it would be good to have plenty of room on the stand in case
it does slide, i would probly want it at least a foot wide

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