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A Sharrp Sybian

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So I saw that Jason(this guy) had posted for sale hi nickle syrian, and I was interested, then he mentioned he would sell hi Nawar Spear :) then it was instant love, unfortonitly it wasn't for me :( it was for a co-worker that was in search of a new hookah and she loved it, so we set it all up and he toss in a bunch of tobacco and a bunch of little things for the pipe, also gave both the blue base and the genie vase, and a couple bowls. 


Only thing that sucked and it was out of both our control is that it was Fourth of July weekend so nothing we could do just wait for monday :) Was shipped and packaged amazing tons of bubble wrap tons of packing peanuts nothing was damage or anything. If im ever in search of something he has i'd definitly do business with him again.


overall everything was a good experience and he had constant contact with me when ever something he was going to add or wanted to trade no issues :)



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