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Review please! Also how many coals and what type of coals work best with it?

I gave mine to a friend (if that says anything). It holds way too much tobacco and I needed 3 Coco Naras to get a full flavor. I got away with 3 halves with Tangiers, but I wouldn't use this bowl with Tangiers ever again. The bowl is decent, but  be prepared to stack up a few grommets to get it on your standard Egyptian. Make sure you get it tight, too because the "spire" is very low and juices drip like crazy, lubricating up that aluminum. At least the silicone outer part lets you grab the bowl mid-session and slap it on your hookah after cleaning up the juice mess...


I got it for free and I was underwhelmed. I don't need a bowl that can smoke AF for 4 rounds of coals, and I don't like using 3 coals when I could be using less on an Egyptian bowl. If the price was lower and the bowl was much smaller, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It's a great bowl, but there is no need to spend $40 or however much they are asking, for something that shows little improvement over an Egyptian bowl. 


That being said, I had the 3rd version of the bowl. 2 new versions came out since then and the screen has much smaller holes, away from the center. I was supposed to be doing reviews for AoT but that fell apart. He wanted someone to promote the product and I didn't feel comfortable telling people it was worth every penny, when really it was not. 

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