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It would be great with an Active Topics feature, so you don't have to
go through each section to see what topics are being discussed at the

Many forum systems have this feature, where you can select which time
period to show. Say, active within the last 2,4,6,8,12,16 hours ...
active since yesterday, since last week and so on.

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In the photo gallery, we need descriptions and uploaded by lines.
How do we input those? Shall I submit my descriptions for posting by Adroc?
How about everyone take a peek and submit by-lines and descriptions.

OK. The hookah with the green base and the radios is mine.
"This is HookahCulture's hookah posing with his 1953 Zenith and shortwave radios."

"This is a closeup of HookahCulture's base."

"This is the TESTED PERFECT foil hole pattern developed by
HookahCulture. Poke with a toothpick, cover the bowl with coals and you
have a thick and flavorful smoke."

"This is a smiley face foil hole pattern uploaded as a joke. Doubtful functionality."


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Regarding active topics, you know which ones are "active" because
they're near the top or on the first page! The topic with the latest
post is always on top.

Technically, all topics are active, but you can revive it to everyone by posting in it and putting it to the top of the list.

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