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Harmony Phunnel Bowl

Place your reviews for the Harmony Phunnel Bowl here. Any non-review posts will be edited out by the mods. For ease of search, please start your review with "Harmony Phunnel Bowl Review."

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Size of Bowl : Its extremely wide and Flat
Shisha : Tangiers boysenberry
Coals : Jap Easy lights 3
Hookah: Blue Mya Colasses( i think)


First thing i thought when i picked it up was DAMN this thing is Shallow and HUGE!  I was really unsure about what to think when i had this in my hand. I was just thinking how am I going to smoke out of this, so I said screw it lets do it, i packed some tangiers in it and it holds like  15 grams of tobacco pack it tight like normal and thought i might need more coals then 2 like normal so i got 3 and it was fine. the flavor was really bursty unlike most bowls i've smoked out of.  I was told it would smoke like that because of the shallowness of the bowl that i would get more flavor up front because i dont need to reach in the depths of a bowl like most others. So i do a first round of coals and honestly i really enjoyed it. It gave great strong flavor, big clouds and it lasted about 2.5 hours. 



I was hesitant because of the Alien and Flying Sacuer which it DID NOT LIKE AT ALL. but as a hookah lover i need to try new things weither I think its junk or not. I personally smashed my alien and flying sacuer i threw them in the air as high as i could and BAM broken :) but this one is sitting in my collection with the rest. I dont intend to use it very often only if i need a extra bowl for a friend or to lend out something or if people are like omg can i try it. But its a good back up and good thing to keep.




I would use it, but as a back up to my back up. a good travel bowl if I dont trust my other bowls on breaking 

8/10 just to shallow 




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