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4Th Of July At Rivet's Camp

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It is tradition for years now that me and my friends gather for several days during 4th of July at my camp. I have a cabin I've been renovating over a year now(one of the oldest and now most beautiful there. $12000 owed to parents for exterior work and I've sunk about $7000 into the inside this year, im on finish wood for walls, then varnish or polyeurothane over it, knotty pine. There is a 9.5'x5' picture window overlooking the bend in the creek, and i have a huge living room, small kitchen, a guest room with bunkbeds that are already called, and a master bedroom 8x11). we also use my uncles large cabin. there are 75 acres that as a member i am coowner of. We cookout(all shipping together) with amazing smoked meats and cheeses from a local world renown smokehouse. We drink and drink and drink some more(this is the one time of the year most of us let loose). Gun range( i shoot zombie targets with my rifle and ruger lcp). 75 acres to fuck around on with quad, hiking, or even swimming in the creek on property. Three other people there are hf members:smdeadgirl, brphotoakes, and long time member jordanneff who started the seal drama. We do our own fireworks but there are also amazing local shows. Big Butler(county) fair nearby, they have their own website. Neighbors i am good friends with so we can have farm fresh eggs. Fishing and swimming is a given...canoeing if if you can navigate past the trees that mother fucking beaver hacked down.
words cannot begin to describe the fun of this event. those coming would be expected to supply their own tent, bring hookah supplies(even though there will be an abundance), pitch on food and booze, and respect the camp and nature(if you are coming i will lay out guidelines via pm).
its living life at the fullest with fellow hookah enthusiasts, as well as a rather inexpensive vacation.

location is Slippery Rock pa, technically Boyers pa, close to Iron Mountain facility(secure storage and shredding underground in an old limestone mine, also an entry to the countrys secret underground roadway[I've been greeted by guards with machine guns])...come have a blast with us...but be sure to bring me a date! this could also serve as a hf meetup

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