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Honeydew Melon

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[b]Honeydew Melon[/b]

[b]Hookah: [/b]KM Pharonie
[b]Bowl:[/b] Tangiers small phunnel
[b]Foil: [/b]Reynolds HD
[b]Hose:[/b] Nammor
[b]Coals:[/b] 2 CCN placed opposite of each other

[b]Appearance:[/b] little rocks, like from a river
[b]Nicotine: [/b]N/A
[b]Base:[/b] glycerine
[b]Smell: [/b]just like a honeydew melon! really good
[b]Taste: [/b]like a honeydew candy. you can tell the flavor is melon, but definitely artificial. the smell is a tad misleading
[b]Smoke: [/b]thunder clouds!
[b]Buzz: [/b]nothing at all
[b]Duration: [/b]about 90 minutes

[b]Purchased From: [/b]5starhookah.com

[b]Overall: [/b]8/10. Don't get me wrong, this is an excellent flavor. However, the artifical aspect of the taste leaves much to be desired after the smell. I do recommend, however.

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