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Hookah: [/b]Mya Diva
[b]Bowl: [/b]Tangiers Small Phunnel
[b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Reynold HD
[b]Hose: [/b]Ba Bakir
[b]Coals: [/b]3 Coconara's (flats)
[b]Windcover?[/b] Yes
[b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water & Ice
Appearance:[/b] Wet, small porous rocks with a slight green tint
[b]Nicotine:[/b] None
[b]Base: [/b]Glycerin I think
[b]Smell:[/b] Sweet orange/citrus
[b]Taste:[/b] Chewable orange children's Tylenol tablets
[b]Smoke:[/b] HUGE CLOUDS
[b]Buzz:[/b] None
[b]Duration:[/b] About 1 hour

[b]Purchased From:[/b] 5starhookah.com

[b]Overall:[/b] 3/10. Not a fan of this flavor. Smells good, a little bit like orange candy but the taste is weak and remains me of chewable orange tylenol. The clouds were just as crazy as ever but the taste lacking.

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