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Chocolate Raspberry

Saalaam Natural Molasses Chocolate Raspberry

Appearance: brown, wood splinters
Smell: chocolaty, with a slight hint of raspberry
Taste: mostly chocolate, tiny hint of something fruity. left me with the feeling that i had just eaten a small piece of chocolate after each hit.
Smoke: pretty good smoke
Buzz: None

Overall: 8/10 pretty good, a decent chocolate. my tiny bowl lasted about 45 minutes, then i unpacked the burnt part and mixed with orange and it was still good.

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Saalaam [color=#8b4513]Chocolate[/color] [color=#b22222]Raspberry [/color]

Hookah: Km OG trimetal (newer version)
Bowl: Egyptian clay bowl
Foil: 1 layer thin reynolds
Hose: Fancy hose with coco tip
Coals: 1 3 kings quick light
Base liquid: water

Apperance: Brown, hay like.
Nicotine: 0%
Smell: A lot of chocolate, not a lot of raspberry
Taste: Chocolate, hardly any raspberry
Smoke: Regular clouds
Buzz: none
Duration: Right now 15 min, but looks like it can go for longer
Purchase: 5starhookah

Overall: its not a bad flavour, but its not a good one ethier. Probably would not purchase it again. 6.5/10

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