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Better Than Sex

Layalina Golden BTS (better than sex)
Produced in Dubai, May 2009.

Set up: Large Syrian with ice water in the base, three coconaras, standard egyptian clay bowl.

Packaged in two plastic bags inside collectible tin. The inner package has leaked a small amount of juice into the outer package.

Smell: Upon opening, I was met with a strong peach, orange and chemical rancid smell, almost like turpentine.

Appearance: Typical Layalina, medium cut, a few stems, red dyed and very juicy.

Smoke: I am first to admit that maybe I got a bad batch or I did something wrong, but WOW, this was nasty! I gave it two tries and it had a slight peachy, orangey, vanilla taste but a strong overtone of something bitter and harsh. I have heard that this flavor is supposed to be peach and peach schnapps, but it's just nasty. It burned my tongue and throat and I had to really clean my pipe to get rid of that smell.

Overall: 0/10. I wouldn't buy it again nor recommend it to anyone. Better than sex? HA!

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