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[size="3"][b]Ayam Zaman [color="#ff8c00"]Melon[/color][/b][/size]
Hookah:[/b] Khalil Mamoon Signature Ice
[b]Bowl: [/b]Tangiers Small Phunnel
[b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds Heavy Duty
[b]Hose: [/b]Khalil Mamoon Sequin
[b]Coals:[/b] Coconaras
[b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water

[b]Appearance: [/b]Shorter cut, very dry
[b]Nicotine:[/b] Undisclosed
[b]Base:[/b] Undisclosed
[b]Smell: [/b]Like Body Odor
[b]Taste: [/b]Like Cantaloupe
[b]Smoke: [/b]Okay Clouds
[b]Buzz: [/b]None
[b]Duration: [/b]1 Hour

[b]Purchased From:[/b] Trade from Arcane
Overall:[/b] 8/10 It's not bad. It takes some serious heat even more than Nakhla. It's extremely dry and next time I am going to be adding some glycerin to it. The taste is like a weaker super dry Nakhla Sweet Melon. I think the biggest two handicaps of this shisha is, it's sole US Vendor and the fact the shisha is only available in 500g tins.

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