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Jacob Shock


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Product- Ayam Zaman Mint

Hookah-Mya Bambino
Bowl-Standard Egyptian
Hose-Grand Caravan
Coals-2 Johns CH Nats
Other Accessories-none
Liquid in Base-H2O

Appearance out of Package -Large choppy cut. Very wet. Few stems. Dark and died red, looks like natural red dye 9/10

Smell out of Package -Smells like spearmint, molasses, and tobacco. 9/10

Smoke Thickness-Pretty damn think. This one takes a bit of heat though. So your gonna have to either start with a lot of heat or wait for it to heat up. 8/10

Heartiness-Very robust. This one is made with a richer tobacco than most brands. The molasses is rich in flavor to. 9/10

Flavor-Perfect! A very natural spearmint. Its strong but not overly strong. Very cool on the lungs to. Essentially the perfect strength for a mint, and the perfect spearmint at that. Problem is it wasn’t sold as spearmint. I’m not disappointed in any way, but for $40 they should have been a little more specific on the what kind of mint it was. You get a tobacco and molasses background to. What I really like about this mint is its not super sweet like a lot of honey based shishas. Flavor lasts the whole bowl. 9/10

Buzz-I don’t get buzzes, but on the strength scale this is between Nakhla and Tangiers

Duration-Almost an Hour


Additional Comments-This is Al Fahker mints older brother.

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