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Christopher Mason Taylor

Alsafa Market, Duluth/lilburn Area

Found a wonderful Middle Eastern grocery/halal meat/hookah shop on Pleasant Hill Rd., right between where Burns Rd. & Ronald Reagan Pkwy dead end into Pleasant Hill. Just picked up a Mya Vento there for $40, brand new with all the included accessories. They've also got Nakhla DA & Zaghloul for $6.99, Mizo $7.99 Al Fakher for $9.99, and Starbuzz for $17.99 all 250g sizes if I recall. They have a wide variety of very affordable coals as well (mostly QLs but some naturals thankfully), but they're a little short on accessories. Didn't check the price on their KMs, but all their Myas are quite cheap.

Unfortunately they're not listed anywhere as a "smoke" or "hookah" vendor that I could find; I just took a lucky guess that a Middle Eastern grocery would have some hookah stuff. All I'd been hoping for was a little Zaghloul.

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