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Oh hi there, I didn't notice you came in. Welcome to my post. Man.. It's been a while since someone looked at this post.. I wonder what it was for.

*Looks up*

Oh hey! That's right, I'm new here. I'm sure you were going down the hallways (List of Members) and saw this guy who decided to put Official on his door (Name), wondering what it meant you decided to come in. How cool of you, well sorry about the mess, I'm still a little new here.

*Shuffles around some papers*

Here! Have a seat! Come on, don't be shy, I don't bite (much).

There we go, see not too bad.

*Starts to feel you up*

Just kidding! I'm not that way. Either way I guess you came in curious as to who I am, or just to see if I had a hookah. I do! It's a Mya though with, what I believe is a Tonic hose.

Either way, so let's start from the beginning.

Long ago, when my parents decided it was time to have a child, they entered the bedroom of their small home. A home that was a shade of pink on the outside, most commonly referred to as "The Pink House". Climbing into their bed after a long day of working, the bed was cold -- Just the way they liked it. My father grabbed onto my mother's neck and gently pulled her in for a ki--

Wait, I think that's too far back let's fast forward a little.

My mother could then be seen bouncing on the --

Oh hell! Still too far back! Okay, let's try about the time I hit 18, and stick to details.

- I'm cunning
- I'm a nerd
- I like cars, but not enough to know a lot about them
- I will listen to people and can be intrigued by almost any topic I do not know
- I love to learn
- I'm a math genius (Just kidding.. I'm a god)
- I am learning French
- I am dual majoring, Mathematics and Computer Science
- I want to have a career as the owner of a game company
- I come from a family of entrepreneurs
- I play games regularly, and dominate every game I touch (eventually)

That's all I can think of at this point... Hmm, how does that sum me up? Probably quite nerdingly.. Well if you have any questions or want to get to know me, just ask! (No seriously, just ask, I'm a blunt guy and will answer any question without thinking it's an awkward question.)

Rawr and With Awesomeness Oozing Out,
Colby A.K.A. OFM

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welcome and that was a defnitly different introduction

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Indeed it was, and that's my goal when meeting people, don't show myself as some regular man, but that man that you think, "The hell?" but when you get to know me it's like, "Typical Colby, always being.. Weird? Nah, just Colby."

Thanks to everyone by the way! :)

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interesting..... welcome to HF! drop by tiny chat when there are people in there... :)

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