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Tobacco & Sticky-Stuff For Homemade Shisha

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Hey there.

I've started a project about homemade shisha, there's just some things which I'm not quiet sure about yet.
I know that I've got to get molasses & glycerin. That I've found. I've also figured out how to make an apple (f.ex.) usable for shisha (dehydrated, roasted, burned... Make it as dry as possiple). Also heard that i need about 50% of the shisha to be tobacco. All I'm wondering about is, if there is some sorta tobacco made for shisha, or you should just go and buy the same stuff you use for original pipes. I would also like to know if there's some places it's cheaper than others. At the moment, most of that I've seen, had been about 20$/pr. 100g.

Please let me know if you know anything :)

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Here is a previous home made shisha experiment someone on the forums did. He talks about the shisha he used and all that good stuff.

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