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Mya Freeze Hose

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[b]Build:[/b] Built well, not going to easily fall apart.
[b]Looks: [/b]Looks like your generic Chinese hose, which to me is not extremely appealing, but I do think it in some ways it is nicer than the other Mya hoses I've used, because it uses plastic for the tips instead of wood. Why I find this to be nicer, I'm not too sure. The wood on the Mya hoses has always just struck me as cheap. Also, this is a wider gauge hose from first look, so that's another plus.
[b]Pull: [/b]Slightly wider gauge than the regular Mya hose, so not so bad. I definitely prefer it over regular Mya hoses, but not over wider gauge hoses such as KM, Razan, Nammor, etc.
[b]Washability: [/b]I found somewhere that said Alex from 5StarHookah.com said they are indeed washable. But it's a Mya hose, and I know regular Mya hoses are not washable. Also, I just held a magnet to the outside of the hose and I felt it pull. So I personally would not wash this hose, based off of the magnet test alone.
[b]Comfort: [/b]Depends on how you like your hoses. For me, I prefer longer handles so the I can rest my elbow on my knee and hold my hand down low on the hose. This hose you have to hold up high by the tip, so it is not as comfortable for me (not what I'm used to).
[b]Price: [/b]~$20, depends on where you look, but that's the average cost. In my opinion, too much for the hose you're getting.
[b]Freezing: [/b]Okay, so it comes with two little freeze packets. Freeze them and pop one in your hose handle. The tip unscews and you just pop it in, screw it back. Easy enough. At first, you notice a significant difference in the temperature of the smoke. After 15-20 minutes, however, the coldness fades. I smoked using it for an hour, and by the end the smoke was no longer cold, but the tip was still cool a bit. The main thing is the metal tip gets super cold. For me it was a slight nuisance when it touched my lips, but not too bad.

[b]Purchased From: [/b]Secret Santa gift.

[b]Overall: [/b]7/10. It does what it is supposed to do- cool the smoke. Because it does cool the smoke, and because it is a wider gauge, it got points for that. But lost points for it being essentially the same as any other Mya hose in the other aspects mentioned. Also cool that they give you two packets so you can increase the time you have cooler smoke. The price docked a bit. Therefore, I felt a 7 out of 10 rating was fair. I still would buy a washable wide-gauge or a nonwashable wide-gauge over this, but this is not a bad hose based off of my first smoke with it.

[b]EDIT:[/b] After using it a couple times, I noticed that the freeze packets sweat and the inside chamber where it goes gets quite wet. I don't see how this water could NOT go down into the hose as you're smoking and it is sweating. I see this being an issue and eventually what will be the death of this hose. I'll leave the rating the same for now, I guess...

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yah i have mine to i and enjoy it mainly when its warm outside if u are outside gives it that little chill factor also yes it is washable but for only so long we've had our for roughly 9 months washed itabout 4 times there is a little rubber lining inside very thin, it will disapear in time of course like most mya hoses but it is washable.

Mya is now making all their hoses like that so that they will last longer, becuase i have noticed that our hoses at the shop will last longer then they used to i have about 8 of there hoses for personal use they work good and yes most are smaller gauge but this is a wider they do have others with wider gauge but i am glad u enjoy it also you can purchase the little packets which is good so u can keep the cold going for a longer time but yah the short time is understandable since it is tiny

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