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This is for posting your PERSONAL experiences with www.Shisha-Palace.at. Please restrict your comments to what you ordered, customer service, delivery, and over all satisfaction.

If you had a problem, was it resolved in a satisfactory way?

Please post here only AFTER your transaction is complete.
Comments and questions by others will be restricted to the regular discussion forum and deleted from this topic if posted here.

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Okay, so it was first time I ordered outside of Czech Republic. It's Austria based company, so it was kinda blind shot, but the only one that had selection of goods I needed.

I ordered on Monday and sent them mail asking when will it be delivered to Czech Republic. They answered pretty fast saying they will send it on Tuesday and it might come either on Friday or Monday. It was delivered on Friday, but I wasn't home ( -_-) so I had to wait until Monday.

So, overall: [b]Pretty fast[/b]

[size=4]Whole order (MYA Acrylic, Shisha Steam Stones, additional hose, funnel bowl) was nicely packed, including billing paper on top.
See pictures: [/size]

[size=4]So, it was all nicely done. One problem though: Saphire No. 5 bowl was broken. Which I don't think was problem of packaging, they did good job and it just happens. Probably delivery company's fault.

Again: [b]Great packaging[/b][/size]

[size=4]I sent like 4 emails and they were answered the same day, which is great. As soon as I told them about broken bowl (I asked either for refund, or resend; but I'm sure if they knew that if they didn't want to give a damn, I couldn't done shit, since I'm from Czech Republic). But 22 minutes after I asked, they answered that they will resend the bowl free of charge. Which is freaking impressive, since bowl costs 13€ and shipping costs are 25€, which basically means they are losing some money on this.

One more time: [b]Immediate answers, no problems[/b][/size]

[size=4][color=#000000]I feel like they've done amazing job. Delivery was crazy fast considering circumstances, communication was also quick like hell and they refunded me the bowl without a single "but, but...". And they sent me complimentary air-lock glass for tobacco. [/color]

[u][b][color=#000000]Order away, they are awesome.[/color][/b][/u][/size] Edited by Moki

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