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I first ordered from these guys back in January 2008; they've done well to survive in a climate where the smoking ban closed a majority of shisha cafes and they can no longer sell tobacco-based molasses. Survive they have, and they got my recent order for accessories because they were the only UK retailer to stock a half-decent travel bag.

That's worked out well for them, as I also took the opportunity to pick up another hose, another tray, more coals, another grommet, a vase protector, four bottles of Mola-Mix... note to retailers: stock a decent range of stuff and it'll get you a £80 accessories order...

Ordered Thursday night, they shipped Monday by Fedex next day, and it duly arrived Tuesday lunchtime, all present and correct, and very sensibly packed with anything that might leak or cause mess (nothing did) in its own plastic bag.

[b]Good points[/b]

Fast shipping, good range of accessories and consumables, including European imports. Competent website, items in stock, order well packed. Apparently the only UK retailer to carry Mola-Mix, too.

[b]Bad points[/b]

Not the cheapest prices on trays, hoses, etc. but this is usually offset by a decent range of sale items; I got a good enough deal on coals not to care that I paid £1 more than elsewhere for the KM tray. Works out well on larger orders. Still not as much choice in hoses as I would have liked.


Probably the best of the mainstream UK retailers for choice, carries a wide range of supplies from around Europe and they've been in the business a long while. Smaller outfits will undercut them on their particular specialities, but hookahshop is a good choice for a generic order of parts and consumables.

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