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Smoker's Express, Bristol Pa

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Name: [b]Smoker's Express[/b]
Location: [b]3807 Otter Street, Bristol, PA 19007-3618 [/b][b](215) 788-4846[/b][b] ‎ [/b]intersection of Otter Street and Route 413 - Next to Penco Tech
Store: [b]Cigarette store with some pipe and hookah supplies.[/b]
Website: [b]N/A[/b]

I stop here sometimes when I hear the "Oh, you're running out, can you pick up some smokes?". I hit there because their prices are good. And I can peruse their hookah.

You wouldn't expect a place like this (smoke shop essentially at the base of a bridge, the other side of the river it's liquor stores and gas stations) to carry hookahs and shisha. Whenever I go in, I check out their hookah. They don't have many, but they must do OK because I see the stock changing. I usually have one of the guys there pull one out of the case for me to examine.

"These are Egyptian, very good quality. If you want something in particular, let me know and I will get it for you."

The last time I was there (within the past week), they had added some tiny US$19.00 models and a display for Fantasia Shisha (the Cuban Mojito stuck in my brain). Updates next time I'm there.

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I bought a box of Fantasia Apple Martini to try (haven't tried it yet). Thought about getting one of their US$20.00 hookahs to try it out but the design was weird - the bowl was very small had a tiny lid (like the brass incense burners), and the hoses were no thicker than a #2 pencil. They still had the fancy egyptians, back on top of the cigarette display.

Their prices tend to be about US$1.00 more than online. The only tobacco they had was Fantasia and about 6 flavors. They also had coals, QL and 16 count boxes of CoCo Nara. Also about US$1.00 more than what's available online.

For the type of place that normally doesn't carry hookah stuff, it's not too bad. Good place to stop if you need something to tide you over or you're driving past and want to pick up something.

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