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[b]330 G St
(between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave)
San Diego, CA 92101
Neighborhood: Gaslamp[/b]

[b]Website;[/b] http://www.fumari.com/
[b]Yelp Reviews[/b]; http://www.yelp.com/biz/fumari-hookah-lounge-san-diego

Oh Fumari, every one knows of them (or so I hope) for their tobacco and 'high end' Hookahs. However despite its infamous reputation as being the premium place or site to obtain shisha and pipes, it isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

I am not saying don't try this place out or bar their products but from a personal stand point I found them unsatisfactory in comparison to other lounges and business I have dealt with.
But from a buyer's stand point the only thing going for them is their coals, shisha and their helpful advice in preparing shisha (even though I already knew how). My significant other and I purchased a Hookah there and found out later from careful inspection of the pipe that it was 'used' and their hose was 'used' despite their claims and slight belligerence when we went to exchange it for another pipe. This was really disheartening and turned me away from being a customer despite being amped in buying a 'nice' hookah and shisha as they advertise.

Their lounge was also a bitter taste left on my tongue, in comparison to Lulu's which is down the street - they open way too late and during a very busy hour for the Gas Lamp district, Nothing looked comfortable or inviting what so ever in fact it reminded me of smoking in a friends garage more than anything. With a cold night draft, bouncers and busy 'waitresses' it was a turn off.

[*]Shisha -in comparison to something like starbuzz they are the better choice
[*]Package 'deals' - if you buy a hookah you get shisha, coals, cleaners and a nice bag.
[*]The 'tutorials' in person on how to prepare hookah. They don't have to do it but it is a nice feature.

[*]Pricey - their shisha, pipes and lounge were not as affordable or appealing to my low budget.
[*]Environment - it doens't look comfortable nor casual. Reminds me heavily of a garage.
[*]Hookahs - unless you're buying them off of the internet, don't buy them in person. They are scratched, and look slightly loved.
[*]Customer Service - they don't accept trade ins if you if your hookah to be less than satisfactory or broken. The most they will offer is a new hose or pieces.

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