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Cafe Lulu

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419 F St
(between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)
San Diego, CA 92101
Neighborhood: Gaslamp
The Yelp reviews on it; [url="http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-lulu-san-diego"]http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-lulu-san-diego[/url]

This place has been my go to for a few years for hookah, up until now - bought my own hookah and etc. This place could be better but it does have a great atmosphere, decoration, seating, shisha selection and etc. How ever went from being a great atmospheric place where you could lounge and smoke hookah to something from a nightmare in my opinion.

[*]Great Atmosphere
[*]Good Shisha Selection
[*]Excellent seating arrangement
[*]Open late
[*]Happy hour; 13 dollar Hookahs :)
[*]People watching ; people are always curious what Hookah is, or people just don't notice you behind their windows.

[*]Poorly kept Hookahs; Most of their hookahs looked worn down and were covered in tin foil
[*]Stingy with coals and being able to change your own coals. :/
[*]Over priced Shisha; 21$ dollars for a Hookah and 19$ for a refill.
[*]The new bouncer policy with every one's ID being checked at the door :/
[*]Parking; it is almost impossible to find affordable parking in downtown SD.
[*]The crowd; most of the people who now go there are teen boppers or horn dogs at best.

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