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517 Hookah Oasis

I went to this lounge with a couple friends of mine and had a great time. It's much calmer than other lounges I've been to which is great because when I'm smoking shisha with friends I'm not looking for a loud, noisy party.

The customer service was great. The bowls were packed great each time, and the guys working there changed the coals out every 40 minutes or so, keeping the hookah fresh and ready to go.

The shisha was a little on the pricy side, however. A bowl of Al Fakhir cost $8, and the more expensive brands like Starbuzz were around $12 a bowl. However, after your first bowl, all your next bowls were half price but that still adds up ($18 for two bowls of Starbuzz! Yikes!).

Overall it was an enjoyable lounge, however, and I'd probably go back (though I'll probably only buy one bowl next time because of the price).

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