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CH Quicklight Coals

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Ease of Lighting : easy to light but you need high heat to start it ( I prefer putting them on the stove for 30 seconds)

Smell: Chemical smell when lighting, but afte that no noticable smell (do not piggy back on one that is lready on your bowl, DO NOT draw while it is sparkling, because you will get a verry bad taste)

Taste: i canot tell the differece between the naturals and these absolutely no taste once lit

Ash: Ashes the same all around, very strong coal though, you would have to squeeze them pretty hard to get them to break all over the place

Overall: Love the chaorcoal by far the best QL on the market i highly recommend them.Chronic Hookah QL, in my opinion are better than the 3 kings, but I suppose it is personal preference 10/10

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Hookah John Quick Lites

Around $14 for 106 perfect sized blocks. Can't beat that! 10/10

Ease of Lighting:
Relatively easy with a torch lighter. It does require more than a regular lighter, but well worth it. Only about 20 to 30 seconds to light perfectly. 10/10

Smell: When you first light the coals, they release a strong chemical odor. However, once they are lit there is no distinguishable smell. 10/10

Taste: Absolutely none. This is the first set of QLs that does NOT have a chemical taste that tends to ruin a session. 10/10

Duration: Hmmm...these are the longest lasting QLs that I have EVER used. They last in excess of one hour EASY. 10/10

The best ashing QLs in town. None of the ash will get into your bowl because the blocks stay intact extremely well. I can literally pick up a fully ashed coal with my tongs without any of it falling apart. Perfect if you knock the ash out to the ash tray. 10/10

Overall: I have to say there can't be a better QL than John's out there right now. They have the perfect price/performance ratio, plus they are made from coconut shells. A solid 10/10. Buy them and you won't be disappointed!

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Hookah John Quick Lites

Ease of Lighting: Takes about a minute to get them going with a regular lighter. With a $20 torch from lowes it gets going in seconds. Once lit these things really light up and are fully lit in about a minute.

Smell: I would not recommend lighting these in your bedroom the smell will stick in your room for a few hours even with your fan on and window open. If you have to light them indoors try doing it in the bathroom with the vent on or over your stove. However, once your coals are lit feel free to smoke anywhere you want. They don't smell. So no your room won't smell like a campfire or a bbq.

Taste: No hint of charcoal taste in my smoke and that is always a great thing.

Heat: Good amount of heat. I usually only have to use two coals at a time and if that isn't enough heat a wind cover takes care of the problem

Duration: They go on for about one hour.

Ash: What I like about these coals is that the ash sticks to the coal so when it comes time to ash the coal all you have to do is drop the coal in to your ashtray and put it back on the bowl. This leaves very little mess on top of your bowl.

Overall: These are my go to quicklights. They are very fast lighting, they don't leave a taste, they don't break apart, and they are the perfect shape. 9/10

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Hookah John quick lights
Ease of Lighting: Very easy! Pretty too, as the whole thing just lights on fire in a display of excellence. I used a torch lighter, put three coals next to each other in my tray, and just lit them all at once. There was a lot of smoke which smells horrible, so there's no way you should EVER light these inside.

Smell: When lighting it smells terrible. After it's done though, there's no odor. I couldn't taste anything through the hookah either!

Smoke: Same as coconaras! Huge nice clouds.

Longevity: I would say around 45 min a coal. A little shorter than coconaras.

Ashing: This is the one thing I hate with these coals. The ash is kind of a light powder and it sticks to the coal. Simply taking the coal and dropping it into the trey isn't enough, I got an old knife to help scrape away all the excess ash. I never had a problem with the ash getting in the bowl or ruining the flavor though.

Form/Size: Perfect. Same as a coconara.

Taste: None

Overall: These are my go to coals now, replacing coconara. Fantastic coals and I suggest them for anyone who currently uses quicklights. There's not much of a difference for people who use a stove at home, but if you're tired of waiting before a session these are perfect.

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CH coals QL's
They light with a torch lighter to a fully ashed ready to go state in a minute or less.
They burn evenly and stay in the exact shape they start out at.
They have an odor when lighting like any other QL but after it's lit there is no smell at all.
There is no taste at all when your smoking and aside from moving them around for heat management I don't even knock the ash off.
once finished they remain in the same shape as they started and you just pick them off your foil with your tongs.
Having tried almost every QL there is these are by far the closest thing to naturals you can use, there really is no noticable difference
I can't use any other QL unless it is that there are none of these to be had because I don't know of anyplace that sells them around where I live.
I try to always have a few extra boxes so I never run out.
I would say they last a little shorter than some QL's about 45 minutes full flavor but the fact they are so good it doesn't bother me.
I give these a 10/10, there are no better QL's on the market and john is the bet online vendor there is.

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[b]Hookah John's CH Insta Lights - NEW RECIPE

[/b][b]Lighting:[/b] Toss on a burner, takes about 20-30 seconds and its fully light.

[b]Smell: [/b]The old recipe used to have a really bad odor, and would emit small peices of coal or sparks while light (happens with almost every insta light) - but the new recipe is perfect! They slowly light up, not sparks, slight odor - nothing to what it was before.

[b]Taste:[/b] None - never

[b]Duration:[/b][b] [/b]A solid 40 min, toss on a windcover and it will last about an hour.
Ash: [/b]The ash sticks to the coal untill you ash it in the tray. Works great and keep the bowl clean of ash.

[b]Overall: [/b] Best instant lighting coal out there. Hands down better than any 3kings. I will NOT use any instalight unless it has a picture of john's mug on the box. Thats what she said.

[b]Rating:[/b] 10 / 10

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