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Sultan Quicklight Coals

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Sultan Coals Review

They were recommended to me by the dude that works at the hookah bar here in Augusta, GA, 8th Street Tobacco.

Price: $1.99 / Roll of 10

Appearance: They come wrapped in a silver foil wrapper much like 3 Kings and the coals themselves look about the same as 3K 33mm.

Ease of Lighting: These are very easy to light. They need a little more time over a lighter than 3K to get started, but once they do they light the rest of the way very easily and quickly. Very little sparking, smoking, or odor. Just blow on them a little and they will be glowing throughout in no time.

Taste: I didnt notice any flavor at all, unlike the slight chemical/charcoal flavor of 3K.

Sultan coals stay together very well when burning and produce a uniform, fine ash. A friend and I smoked a bowl of StarBuzz Peach/Rose and 2 coals lasted slightly longer than the shisha itself.

I would definitely recommend these coals to anyone who likes quicklite coals. 9.5/10

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Soltan Coals

Smell : Only a slight smell while lighting
Taste : None
Ash : Pretty Obnoxious
Longetivity : 1 hour -> 1 hour 30 mins
Heat : Not too hot, not too cool.

Rating 9/10 : 10 if it wasn't for the ash.

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[size="5"]Sultan Quick-Lights

[/size][size="3"]Lighting - Lighting on sultans typically take a little more than the 3K's. They burn alot more naturally, and require more of a constant heat scource (just a tad more) than a very fast quicklight. (20-25 seconds under a bic/zippo for an all around smolder)

Smell: Very much like campfire. The sparkes and fumes aren't as visable or pugnant, but the campfire-smell tends to linger in the air just slightly longer than desired.

Taste: A grill/woodsmoked taste to your shisha for the first 30 seconds. Not really enjoyable, but in most cases will dissapate very quickly.

Ash: Beautiful even ashing, holds together very well. I can almost pick up the ash mold off of the coal itself. Again, don't let the ash build up. Although it's even, it tends to be finer, and will have more tendancies to fall through the holes of your foil/screen.

Overall: 9/10 My staple quicklight. A very very very hot coal!!!! I typically never need two, and even can smoke most bowls one a one-coal basis. One and a half or two if I'm smoking starbuzz. Again, althoguh it ahses wonderfully, I have had trouble with excessive ashing/ash drop if I forget to check on it for a while. Don't mind the taste, but the smell does linger too long.

FINALLY, what makes this quicklight such a buy is it's price!!! I typically get a 100 pack for $6.00 even at my local marker. Can't beat it, for the quality it burns.[/size]

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