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Akhla Quicklight Coals

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Review of Akhla Coals

Received these in the mail from Sahara smoke as a sample. I was very skeptical, as they remind me too much of Bright Star Coals, which I absolutely loath. They look just like them, light just like them and burn hot, just like them. They're even made in Greece too.

In case you don't know, Bright Star made all my smokes taste like nothing. The only thing it did was make lots of smoke and a hot throat. No matter how I adjusted them, broke them, separated them. pissed on them, all came out the same.

BUT THE AKHLA brand is acting differently. They are a little bigger and thicker than the standard 3 kings. Light like a fuse and burn somewhat hotter. However, I'm not getting the same problems as with the Bright Star. Flavor seems to come through just fine. Well, just a little hot, but a little different technique may be in order. I do taste a little of the coal, the longer I'm smoking. And I am getting just slightly nauseas, but that may be the 2 year old Nakhla strawberry. Don't know, but I will have to experiment more with these and get back with you.

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Akhla Coals
I just received the order from hookahhub.com. By the way, real fast shipper to New York! Ordered Wednesday, got Friday. Yippee!! Anyway back to the coal. Usually I start the coal, and then get everything else ready. This time I didn’t. I was moving really slow and wanted to see how fast the charcoals would light. So got everything ready, even cleaned the hookah. (I am so bad at doing that) Set myself up with some Al Fakher Plum. Made sure everything had a good tight fit. All set. I am smoking out of a 3 hose Egyptian hookah. Real easy pull, extra long hoses with redwood handles from HookahCentral.com. Pull a regular bid lighter out of my jeans. Decide to only light one Akhla Coal to start. Wanted to see how it would do all alone. Spark the bic, get it close to the tab, and HOLY SHIT! This thing lights off like a roman candle. Big puff of smoke, thing sparks for only about 1-2 seconds, no BS. Not only did it spark over really quick, it was already glowing red. No waiting at all. Red and glowing, just begging to be put on a bowl. I blew on it a bit, more in disbelief that anything. Ready for my hookah. Put it on the screen and in 3 drags, big puffy clouds. No coal taste, nothing. Just happy plum goodness. Life is good! I got a whole box, should not have to worry about them for quite some time.


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i actually just got done smokin some hookah for tonight, and i chose Akhla quicklites as my heating source. Akhla was alright, but here is my judgement for it:

ease of lighting: pretty darn quick. lights within 5 seconds and turns red hot within 10 seconds. 5/5

taste: tasted some of that coal flavor, but that happens to me all the time with any coals 4/5 (any advice?)

smell: lighting the coal was crazy nasty. it lit fast, but it gave off a nasty odor that stung my eyes and smoked up REALLY bad 0/5

ash: ehh, ash happens all the time 3/5

length of burn time: i was disappointed in myself at this point. the coals break too easily for me so i couldnt use it 2/5

overall: ummm....i've used better quicklites. i believe i used either 3kings or golden quicklites. one of those was better than akhla for me

so overall: 2.5/5 not totally satisfied with it

maybe i did something wrong, who knows. not tryin to put the coals down

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Akhla Charcoal

As a repeat customer for SaharaSmoke.com, I have received many rolls of Akhla coals during my days.

Time to light = about 20-30 seconds, these light very fast

Sparks = these coals tend to fizzle more than spark

Carbon Monoxide Emission = large white clouds of CO are emitted off these coals, do not breathe near these coals

Heat = they give off an even heat, but you have to move them around your bowl often

Duration = the coal lasts around 20-25 minutes, I usually keep 1 or 2 extra coals with me

Flavor = they dont give off flavor if youve packed your bowl right

The Akhla charcoal is an average coal, not too good, not too bad. the major con with these coals is that they dont last as long as you would like and they give off A LOT of carbon monoxide.

Overall I will give it a 6.5/10


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