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Wicked Mirage Hookah Lounge

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Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this hookah lounge that opened last week in Concord, CA.
The ambiance of this lounge is unbelievable! The environment is so chill, you've got dim lights, soft music, and best of all all KMs! They use KM single pears and carnivals, AF coco coals, and at the moment they're serving starbuzz, and AF.
They've got more in the works as of the moment.
As i said, this place opened up last week, and this is the only hookah lounge in concord (the closest being in albany or el cerrito)
The owners are servicing everyone at the moment, but you'll get the friendliest and fastest service around. They'll check on you and your coals very often, almost to the point where your bowl is always heated, and your coals are always near new size.

If you guys have any questions, post em up!

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