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Easy Pretty Much Perfect Wind Cover-Price Free-Ish

Okay, I have seen that people are using aluminum foil wind covers.
This is my preferred method. I cut the bottom of an enrgy drink can off, and hack at the top until the hole is as large as I'd like
pretty self explanitory. Works well!

The can after modification:

Sitting on the bowl (supported by ash tray)


This blurry photo is a hand held in a dark room shot showing the heated coal when drawing air through cover.


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Okay, I will also add that you can use the bottom of the can to draw air through slower, and it also "traps" heat over the bowl for when the coal is almost out. this draws air in from th esideds, and with the way I have my wind cover to open RIGHT above the coal, this draws air over th etop of the coal from different angles to take advantage of the surface of the coal.

It's just the bottom of th ecan with 4 tirnagular slits:



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Cheap easy design, I like it. I have heard of these types of cans catching on fire though, had any problems with this?

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Wash the sugar out of the can. It carmelizes and solidifies to the can and creates a flamable substance. also you should instal it in a way in which it does not directly contact the coal. You should be good with any ammount of radiant heat the coal gives off.

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[quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1299504466' post='500505']
No holes on the sides ? :-s won't it trap too much heat this way ?

Perhaps this quick heat analysis I did of my can design helps to show why THIS design works so well.

No wind cover on. No air drawing through bowl.
No wind cover on. Air is drawing through bowl.

Wind cover in place. No air drawing through bowl.
Wind cover in place. Air is drawing through the bowl.

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