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House Of Hookah

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Straight shot down Belmont from Clark, just before Broadway.
This little hookah bar has kept me coming back for the past year or so.
I'll start off with what they have to offer, then give my experiences.
House of Hookah has the standard rotator hookah's that a lot of other hookah bar use. Standard mya stock hoses. They have mostly Starbuzz and a few mixtures of their own. They also have teas, iced teas, and some other drinks.
Now, onto my experience. Everytime I've went, Ive had a good time. The owner knows me now so he tries to give me different mixtures to see if they're any good. Most of them are good. The hookah's are normally always good, but on occasion they pack them too tight and the airflow just sucks. They come around with the coals so you don't have to do anything.
The iced teas are really good and they have a byob cover charge if you want to drink there.
Just beware, the place is fairly small so you might be waiting for a little bit.

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