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The Hookah Lounge

Well today I went to the hookah lounge in Valpo. I smoked myself out of there. The place looks like a little coffee shop. It is located in the downtown area of Valpo. They have big rotating hookahs and a good selection of lay, lay gold, sky, 360, and SB. I smoked their skittles mix, heavy on the grape. Then a mix of SB chocolate mint and cherry (yum), and then their beetlejuice mix. It was tasty as well. I guess on thursday nights they bring in a live DJ. The music was one of his mixes, pretty talented DJ. They have a selection of no name egyptians. They were pretty nice, on sale for $32. They serve alcohol and some food dishes. They girls that work there, are knowledgable on their shisa, and pack a good bowl. Downside, you pay $6.99 for the first hookah, then $4.99 each refill. The $6.99 price is only for one hour, or as they describe it two coals. They give you one at a time. They do allow you to bring your own hose or hookah which I thought was a cool idea. The staff is friendly and cute. They sat down and talked with me, and I let them smoke with me as well. Overall a good experience that will have me returning. I give it an 8/10

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