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Hello from Wichita, KS

Hello all.  A military buddy of mine first introduced me to shisha
aboout 4 years ago and my love for it has just recently been rekindled
(pardon the intended pun).  I have a decent 3' hookah (2 hose) and 50g
boxes of Nakhla Melon and Two Apple and a 250g box of Nakhla Mango.
Also 50g Al Awaha boxes of Grape, Banana, Coffee and Apricot.  So far
the coffee and banana have been my favorite.  Can anyone give me
an idea as to which of these will be good, which might need more coal
or special instructions? I'd really appreciate it.  I'm so glad to find
a community to share my shisha love with.  I tried joining another hookaforum *cough* and didn't get any reception, let alone a good one.  I like the fact that Tangiers and MYA and others are on here to help.  Tangiers, if you're reading this, do you do sample packs for semi-newbs like myself, like a bunch of 25mg packs in a combo deal?  

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Welcome, It's a trial and era thing I think.

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